i am working on am iphone charger. it does not work. could my resistors be backwards?

What do you mean by "backwards" ? If you put them in a potential divider, then they have to go in a specific way "round", but, seen from the terminal resistance they would "appear" identical.
seandogue6 years ago
No. Resistors are bidirectional. As their name suggests, they are simply resistance, or "restriction", if you prefer. They contain no valving whatsoever.
sshuggi6 years ago
Noticed this sort of thing when I made a iPod solar charger and was testing it with a light inside. It wouldn't work with my little incandescent, but worked perfectly in the sun. The thing is: you can have the 5V to charge it, but if you don't have enough current, the iPod won't recognize it's plugged up. It's some sort of ploy that Apple uses to make it so harder for non-Mac computers to charge the iPhone/Pod. (Since USB power supply's on PC's aren't normally rated as high or something.)
A-Nony-Mus6 years ago
No. Resistors can be plugged in either way. If you see smoke when you turn it on, that is a good indication that you have something in the wrong way (either a capacitor or transistor), if not you probably just have a bad connection.