ideas for a project of light and shadows?

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lemonie8 years ago
Wait until the sun is up, and go out with a big piece of cardboard. See what you can do with that, and see if it inspires you. Scissors shouldn't be necessary (but if you've got weak hands maybe).

Kiteman8 years ago
Pin-hole camera!
Ya, I'm not entirely sure what you're asking for here.  The obvious thing (to me at least) is photography, especially dark room photography, and gardening by taking advantage of phototropism.
Perhaps you can build a box with a lightbulb in it. The box would be completely closed except one wall of your box can slide out.

Then make a bunch of walls and cut some shapes out of them (like ghosts and stuff)

This way you get a sort of projector featuring your own shapes projected on the wall which you can change!

Just an idea...

It would help though if you could explain a little further :) (like is it for school, if so what do they grade you on....)
jeff-o8 years ago
Paint a wall or other large, flat surface with glow-in-the-dark paint, and set up a strobe lamp to go off every minute or so.  Then, have people or objects set up between the painted surface and the strobe, so that when it goes off their "shadow" remains visible against the glowing wall.
When you typed in this question, there was a white box under the title intended to be used to add information that might help people understand what you are asking.
If we think of that white box as "light", and anything darker inside that box as "shadows", then adding some word-shaped shadows to the box of light would be a very good start.