ideas for an adult party - easy take home arts and craft?


Thanks for any help you can provide in advance!

I'm hosting a small get together and wanted to give my friends (30 somethings) something to make together so they can each take it home and remember the evening (i.e., not food, something that would last).

I'm looking for something we can do that is easy and relatively quick and suitable for boys and girls.


Kiteman6 years ago
The classic project would be some version of the LED throwies.

Give your guests the basic parts, plus access to a box of scraps, and let their imagination run riot.

Otherwise, my current favourite idea for a group workshop is the bristle bot / bristlebotvibro bot / vibrobot.  You can make them from almost any combination of legs and motors (the classic being made from the remains of an electric toothbrush).
Wine glass markers.  You can use shrinking plastic, aka "shrinky dinks" for the charms,  Perhaps each person "designs" one charm and duplicates one for each person.  Then each party-goer would have a representation of all of the party guests.  Provide little boxes for them to store them in.

I love this 'ible for Rubber Origami.  Have some paper, wire, the Plasti-Dip, and some printed instructions for different origami shapes.

Check our your local pottery painting shops.  They can host parties where people paint a piece like a platter, bowl, etc..  You might even be able to buy the supplies to paint in your home and then bring them in to have them fired.

Paint little plaster figurines (I think they make ones with little wire picture holders in the top or get flat-backed ones you can hot glue magnets to)
mikeasaurus6 years ago
Depends on who's in attendance, are they nerds? do they have kids? do they like grown up toys?

Maybe your guests can bring some materials and you can make: Or maybe everyone could learn a magic-trick? Good luck with your party!
frollard6 years ago
I like 'teambuilding' exercises -- all those ones like sitting on each other's knees, etc.

As for projects to MAKE-- that's a tough one. What theme? What materials do you have/need? What price range? What skills do people have?

Having a pro at 'something' teach a class of 'something' - always helps. A drum circle might be fun.

beginner circuits? have everyone make a tv-b-gone, or led blinker...