ideas for mugs?

So, I've stumbled across a load of old mugs (about 200) in a primary school near where I live. They said I could do what I want with them as they didn't know they had them and are surplus to requirement. They are made of china and all have saucers, (pics to follow), anyone got any ingenious ideas for them?

-Salamanda-2 years ago

Make them into flowerpots (paint, then glaze) and sell them! :3 that's the first the thing i thought of. :)

artworker3 years ago

Paint them in nice bright colors and use them as in your own ible "Instant Pen Pots"

rickharris3 years ago

You can get transfer media that you ink jet print onto and then heat transfer to the mugs. make some relevant to the school y with a number of students names on them or a drawing done by the students and sell them for their benefit.

Diaphane3 years ago

You could use some to make cake stands. They can be glued together or with rods in between. Like this