if darkness is merely the absence of light; then what is the opposite of light?

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orksecurity8 years ago
wingcodavid5 years ago
Darkness is not the absence of light. It only appears to be so. Darkness is a separate entity altogether.That is why most physicists are unable to quantify Dark Matter and/or Dark Energy or even prove its presence.
hifatpeople7 years ago
Light is the presence of light Dark is the absence of light absence and presence are opposites, so dark is the opposite of light
fwjs288 years ago
i think captain molo is right....
however, if you look at this from a matter> anti-matter possition,
then it would be as you said, anti light...which in theory would destroy light and possibly itself, therefore (theoritcaly) not existing....

but to be simple, and non confusing i would say as aemcc- Off
kelseymh fwjs288 years ago
There's no such thing; photons are self-adjoint.
But I thought that light was incedibly high frequency Radio Waves - not Photons??!!
fwjs28 kelseymh8 years ago
hich in theory would destroy light and possibly itself, therefore (theoritcaly) not existing.... so yes i am wrong, but i didn't say i was sure or that it was true.... i was just guessing

so, guessing again, i would say that anti-light or the opposite of light is non-existent (or at least unkown to current science)
kelseymh fwjs288 years ago
Being wrong isn't a bad thing. You made a reasonable extrapolation from what you knew; there's just more information you didn't have. It's not that "anti-light" is non-existent. Rather, if you write down the field equations for light, you discover that the antiparticle version (the adjoint of the field) is identical to the field itself. This is basically why processes (like bremsstrahlung) can make one, two, three, or any other number of photons, so long as momentum-energy is conserved. The photon has only E, p, and spin as conserved quantities; all its other quantum numbers are zero.
paganwonder8 years ago
As the Zen master says- "There are no opposites only phases of the same state"
frollard8 years ago
Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation - like radiated heat. Cold is the lack of heat Dark is the lack of light Silence is the lack of sound (except in a forest with no observers) Sidenote - Some authors use great metaphors regarding 'throwing darkness' or darkness spreading...etc - personifying it. Regardless of its apparent ability to seem 'alive' - darkness is not a tangible thing.
kelseymh8 years ago
Light. Photons are their own antiparticles. If you use a very detailed and specific experimental setup, you can take an input coherent beam and generate a "phase-complement" beam, which would cancel out the input beam via interference, but that's not the same as "anti-light" (which is a nonsensical term).
a Black light duh!
aemcc8 years ago
Emsaid8 years ago
First of all, Lemonie stop being racist! (JK) The reason why we see color, is because the object your looking at is soaking up every single color except the color you see, and that color is being reflected back into your eyes. so technically there is no opposite of light.
lemonie8 years ago
Darkness. It's a black and white issue: light - no light (Anti-photons are either the same thing or they don't exist) L