if i get a pro aaccount how many patches?

if i get a pro account how many patches will i get and if i use them all will i pro thing be gone?

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Atomman8 years ago
If you use all your patches then no, your pro will not go away. There are different amounts of Pro you can buy and how long it lasts. $1.95/month
15 Digital Patches, $2.95/month
1 Digital Patch/month, $39.95/2 years
40 Digital Patches
lemonie8 years ago
I went for the 2 year option, so like Atomman said, I got 40. I think I've used 8 already.

So do you get more after you run out?
There's not a top-up yet as far as I know.

Oh, so I guess you gotta space em' out.

Must be hard.
As an aside, I believe that you'll be able to buy patches independently at some point.