if my capacitor is 100uf and 330v can i charge it with a 1.5v battery and still use it to "wake" an innocent victim up?

im using the capacitor for a shocker to harm my enemies (those who hate instructables beware)

(update) well could you help me make my own capacitor charger? one that wont vaporize flesh??

Re-design8 years ago
Nope.  You will only have 1.5V in the capacitor.  You can't get more out of a capacitor than you put in.
As redesign says - a capacitor acts like a battery.  If you hook them directly together you'll just get 1.5 volts in the capacitor.

If you use a disposable camera charger to put a few hundred volts in there, then you will have a more formidable weapon on your hands.  That said - don't shock people with these.  They dont 'hurt'  - they vapourise flesh.

whatever frollard said... now if you want to only wake people up instead of cooking them, may i suggest you go take apart a small BIC lighter, the one that uses a spark to start flames, not the flint stone ones... these 'sparkers' are quite powerful as well, at least powerful enough to do what you ask.

looks like this

bkim16 years ago
Those two people above dont know what capacitors are.

It depends how much you wait for the capacitor to charge up. If the capacitor is really modern and new, it'lll probably charge in about an hour from a 1.5v battery because the capacitor's density is 330v.

So if you charge it all the way up and use it on a victim, 330 volts sound promising that they WILL WAKE UP.