if you are highest bidder on ebay, do you have to buy the item?

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Goalie17 years ago
A lot of people ay different things.  I have looked this up.  If you are the highest bidder, you have I think 3 days to pay.  Then they move on to the next highest bidder.
james4 (author)  Goalie17 years ago
guys i dont know how i posted this i dont even know how to post questions
Goalie1 james47 years ago
Oh.. Somebody probably hacked into your account. Good Luck!!
james4 (author)  Goalie17 years ago
yah one time that happend be cause i wrote a comment that said my pass word i was 4
Yes, being the highest winner at the end of the biddingtime on an item on ebay will make you the winner.

You must then pay the amount that you have bid and won the bidding with. I don't know exactly what they will do when you won't pay but it will make you an untrusted user of ebay and other people can see that too. Ofcourse you can always start up a new account...

Bottomline, yep you have to pay.
Re-design7 years ago
You don't HAVE to do anything but die.  If you are the highest bidder and you exceed the reserve price and ebay deems it a valid auction (meaning there was no fraud) then you have a contract to buy the item.  They can't make you buy anything.  But if you don't then you may be banned from participating in anyway in the future with ebay.

In the end it is still your choice.
Only if you actually win it.