if you bake play-doh(or hommade play-doh) will it harden?

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JammerB1 year ago
JammerB1 year ago


JammerB1 year ago

I was wondering if I could you guys were a big help thanks

JammerB1 year ago
Bert996 years ago
yes!!!!!! its gonna change the color (fade) and its gonna break easily. its also gonna curl up at the edges
canida8 years ago
Yes! It will also shrink a bit, and may discolor as it dries out. Cook at low heat so it hardens slowly, and keep an eye on it as it becomes dry so you don't let it burn.
so all i have to do is reshape it and what, leave it in the son or actually cook in the oven on low heat?
Wasagi8 years ago
Regrettably yes, If you leave it out in the open. If Playdough is exposed to air it will harden, so if you put it in a container, it should expand it's lifetime...