if you could travel through time, what would items would you take for the trip?

I'm writing a sort of a story.
Now you instructablites are an imaginative bunch. if you were going to travel through time, what type of practical things would you take with you? how would you dress?
And please, no sonic screwdrivers! ;D

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kelseymh7 years ago
Time travel into the past is essentially the same as extreme hiking in the developing world, so pack accordingly; there won't be any technology, or hope of getting to any, while you're there.  Antibiotics!  Water-purification kit.  Shake-power flashlight (two or three).  "Astronaut blankets" (several).  Soap.  Fire-starting kit, including a welder's torch starter.  Power bars, lots of power bars.
You'll probably need weaponry, depending on where and when you're going.

By assumption, the future will be more advanced than you are, so you won't need much tech or hygenic-safety stuff, except for whatever you want to bring back.  Just take yourself, cameras and video equipment, and maybe some lightweight everyday objects (as "antique" trade goods or proof you're from the past).  You'll probably want to bring either spare batteries or a hand-crank charging system, since you can't assume they'll still have USB connectors ;->
.  Great answer, but:
> By assumption, the future will be more advanced than you are, ...
.  I'm not so sure your assumption is correct. It wouldn't take but one good-sized meteorite or a supervolcano to knock us back to the Stone Age.
.  Or the LHC may suck the whole Earth into a black hole. heehee

Time travel may appear like a dream, however a few researchers think it could turn into a reality. Built up a hypothesis of how to fabricate a time machine.Make an agenda of each thing you plan to tackle your outing. This will incorporate apparel, shoes, toiletries, and printed material and perhaps at the same time maps, manuals, perusing material, and inn or rental auto data.

This agenda will likewise help you when pressing for the
trek back home as you will have a rundown of everything that you carried with
you Commonly overlooked things incorporate toothbrush/toothpaste, socks,
shades, sunscreen, cap, night robe, razor, and antiperspirant. My name is
Santhosh I'm a car driver now I'm working taxi service in
Keep in mind how rapidly your space will top off. Will you truly
require five sets of shoes for three evenings Also, four coats Consider the
climate and what sorts of exercises you will be doing. You may need to look at
how the climate will be at your destination.

Stretch your travel closet by shading
coordinating. On the off chance that you ensure each bit of apparel you pack
works with numerous different pieces, you can make a large group of blend
and-match conceivable outcomes.Bring vacant plastic packs for grimy things. On the off chance that you won't have a chance to wash your garments, concealing them in a different pack will keep you from mingling the clean with the grimy or sort through your stuff each time you need to change.

rubieelder4 years ago
Depending on the time of year you have to plan for varying weather condition. Most recently I have been to Slovenia in spring by koshertravelers services which provide me some basic necessary requirements during my whole journey. However, you can take with you a camera, medicines, warm clothing depending on the weather of your destination and all the essential things that you use in your daily life.
gholmes19367 years ago
 For traveling back in time I would first read all of Jack Finney's books. Or at least watch the movie, "Somewhere in Time." I believe that they used Finney's hypothesis as a basis for backwards in time travel. Would that we could.
lemonie7 years ago
A towel.
A stick of celery
And dress out of a charity-shop (blind-purchases)

DIY Micah7 years ago
It would depend. Am I traveling backwards or forwards in time? How far into the past or future am I going? How much space do I have? What about sonic lipstick (my wife wants to know this one)?
Jayefuu7 years ago
I'd take a time machine with me. I'd wear my invisibility cloak.