if you were a dog witch breed would it be

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iceng2 years ago

A non shedding intelligent dog from a breeder with a good reputation....


petercd iceng2 years ago

Do you mean like Snoop Dogg, he's got rep. :)

iceng petercd2 years ago

Yea, Just unlike that .... kind of rep. :)

rickharris2 years ago

This is just a personal thing but that's not it appears your image.


It appears to be

victoria justice

Yeah, if I were a dog I would say something doesn't smell right about this.

petercd Vyger2 years ago

methinks rickharris has found a troll

He should be up for an award seeing as he probably wont get best answer :)



petercd2 years ago

I wouldn't, they make poor lifestyle choices, ie bum sniffing, turd eating etc

Vyger petercd2 years ago

You forgot about traveling in packs with bad company.

Vyger2 years ago


rickharris2 years ago

Which - Better off asked in the forum