im 11 i want to get a girl i like at skool a present what should i get her?

im 11 and want to get a girl a present what should i get her
      ive know her and friends with her since i was 8

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Chirpoff6 years ago
Why don't you try a smile and a stuffed animal, like a squirrel or a puppy? Best wishes!
paganwonder7 years ago
My 11 yr old daughter says-"CANDY".  'nuff said.
jtobako7 years ago
Pay attention to what SHE likes, and get her that.
That's generally the best advice, at all ages. It shows you care about her enough to have really thought about the gift, and that you're paying enough attention to know what she likes.

Though if the point is the message rather than the gift, I grant that a rose has its points. If you'll excuse the pun.
yoyology7 years ago
 Remember, "It's the thought that counts."

Think of a nice memory of the two of you, and get her something that relates to that.  If you have a favorite joke about elephants, get her a stuffed elephant.  If something funny happened to the two of you in math class, make a card with equations all over it.  Stuff like that.  Details are important.

Also, based on my own sad experience, don't try too hard.  Give the girl space.

Good luck, little man. :-)
blkhawk7 years ago
Treat her to ice cream, or anything else she would like.

(Oh! Sweet Puppy Love! That brings me memories!)
Kiteman7 years ago
Birthday, or romance?

Birthday - get her something she likes, maybe a CD or pens or similar.

Romance - a single rose, with all the thorns stripped off the stem.