im 15 tears old and iv never had a girlfrend what should i do?

ialways seem to like girls out of m leage but im to saired to ask i mean i dont evin know how to aproch girls in a more than friend way without creepiin them out....plese help me

Picture of im 15 tears old and iv never had a girlfrend what should i do?
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framistan4 years ago
This is one of the most commonly asked question, and you could do a search on this site for "how to meet a girl" or just "girl" for lots of ideas. Your problem is you are ZEROING in on the girls like a microscope. Move back and look at the BIG PICTURE. Look at them as a group, not any single one. Now... just be SLIGHTLY friendly to most of them. Smile... say hello.. How ya doing Mary.... Nice shoes sheryl... etc etc. The gals are lonely too, not just you. Soon ONE of them (or more) will be friendly back. Problem solved dude!
Step 1: be awesome.
Step 2: refer to step 1.

Excellent advice!
sunFlow3r4 years ago
Be a gentleman. Hold the door for girls, that will get you noticed, because SO many guys don't know how to just be nice:)
matatron4 years ago
Stop worrying! My first kiss was at age 18, my first girlfriend at 20, sex? until 22! but that girl was so special that I married her two years later.
Focus on your studies and don't make "finding a girl" a priority. Treat them right, be nice to them but don't go chasing them. When you least expect it, a good girl will appear at the right time.
I can assure you, in 5 years, or 10 years, you will look back to now and say "lol, why I was so worried about a girlfriend at that age?"
rickharris4 years ago
Stop worrying - Focus on doing well at school, in the long run this will get you further than chasing girls at present and in the future it will lead to success and a settled life which leads to girls (only they are women by then and better!)
Kiteman4 years ago

Relax, you have years in which to find your first girlfriend.
You have all the time in the world, don't go looking for it & without even realizing it has happened it will one day come to you.
Girls like guys who smile alot.
Your picture says you like to burn things.
Girls find that scary.
Wear brighter colors than black. Maybe a button up shirt.
This shows that you look official like
You have all the answers.
Girls like guys who have all the answers.
Stay away from friend zone. It is a waste of time and energy.
High school isn't everything.
bwrussell4 years ago
Roughly only 14% of people marry someone they met at school, and that includes high school and college so don't worry about it. If you force it your relationships will be miserable. If Ms. Right comes along you'll know it and so will she.
+1 !

Its not a race. It may be a competition