im going camping at the end of the month . and i need a good camp stove that will have room to cook a meal for 3 .thanks

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elkhuntr5 years ago
USE THE PENNY STOVE best homemade stove ever.....costs a penny
dkop17 years ago
Coleman Dual-Fuel stove. cant beat it. hard to find now though. I'm taking mine to Philmont this coming summer. most reliable stove ive ever used, other that a tin can "hobo stove".
Gottwinkies7 years ago
Amen for all the Coleman White gas fanatics out there! That is what we have been using for years. We picked up an old 2 burner one at a garage sale for $3. Then if we need more space, we use the fire for the stuff that can handle the high heat, like boiling water or whatever the cook wants...the cook rules when camping!
My old Coleman 2 burner white gas stove (made before dual fuel came out) cooks for 4 or more. I use it mainly for breakfast and lunch (if cooked). The family's preferred style of dinner cooking is on the fire grate. Nothing like seared meat over an open flame. If you really want to get into it, check out some of the local museums for their books/guides on cooking back in the early times (pre-utility companies). They can show you how to do everything on/in/near a fire for a large number of people.

seandogue7 years ago
I have a Coleman 2-burner. Uses either unleaded gasoline or white gas. I've considered getting a propane version, but there's something annoying about tossing out empty cannisters that keeps me from actually purchasing, even if the convenience *looks nice.

As RavingMad said, suitable for car camping but not so much for backpacking.
I have a Coleman RoadTrip propane grill that is great for car camping (backpacking is totally out of the question). With an interchangeable assortment of grill, griddle and burner surfaces, you can cook anything on it. It's not as compact as a proper camp stove, but it's versatile and doesn't require tabletop space.
Burf7 years ago
For all of my family fishing and camping trips, I use a Coleman 3 burner liquid fuel camp stove. I have nothing but the highest compliments for the quality  and ease of use of the stove.  If you don't like the idea of carrying liquid fuel for the stove, Coleman also makes a propane model, but I've never used one of them so I can't comment about its performance.