im in iss what can i do to make it fun?

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i draw pentagrams and do magick

igottheanwser2 months ago

to be honest i just watch a movie if ya cant do that sleep

EthanC42 years ago

im in iss i just go to my facebook page.

tmmcder11 EthanC49 months ago


tmmcder119 months ago



yell at aycelinn next to you

no_one_cares9 months ago

welp if your in ISS your a boss and you cant do shit because the school has you on lock down but you can talk to the principle and see what you can do to get out. Or not and sit there and rot. or go to UNBLOCKED MOVIES.

get a lead pencil and hollow it out and get paper and rip it in little balls and put it in ur mouth get them wet put them in the led pencil and shoot them at other kids when the teacher turns around in iss that's what I do.

mostly ur friends if its a random kid he might tell on you.

JbG51 year ago
DesireeB191 year ago

I got ISS for calling my teacher a stupid bitch. She deserved it oh well. I got suspension Monday.

Well you can either read a book or draw. Well you can rethink things over again. But my ISS is where you are facing a wall and 2 walls between you so yeah you can draw write or read a big book or just sit there :)

Dr. Pepper6 years ago
Find the answer to the universe. No, don't tell me it's 42.

but then again you are right. it is not hitch hikers guide to the galaxy

well 42 is the answer to everything. it is also the answer to the ultimate question.

rickharris6 years ago
Your there for a reason - Think about it.

On the other hand we shouldn't feed Trolls.
kelseymh6 years ago
Make a shank by rolling up paper and sharpening it to a point, stab your teacher in the throat, and go to real prison. Then you can have a really fun time being a ladies' man (or a man's lady, whatever...).
orksecurity6 years ago
Learn not to do whatever got you suspended again.
acidbass6 years ago
Doodle, come up with a story for a book or movie, day dream, piss the iss teach off, think of ways not to get caught doing things that could send you to iss, figure out a way to get out of iss faster, etc.
lemonie6 years ago

Tattoo yourself...?

ortiz1234 (author)  lemonie6 years ago
just mess around with the techer why are you in iss
Vyger lemonie6 years ago
Kind of like prison tats!! Make sure to leave room for some of those.
lemonie Vyger6 years ago

I've known it happen - Biro-ink and a compass...
(They had trouble for the rest of school with teachers telling them to go wash it off)

Vyger6 years ago
Its not supposed to be fun, kind of like a precursor to prison.
Kiteman6 years ago


Oh, In-School Suspension". AKA "internal exclusion" in the UK.

Get off the computer, take your punishment.

well for starters you could not do fun things outside of iss that give you iss. but since your already there try playing games on the internet, or my favorite, making pen guns and shooting people with them, then pretending to not know whats going on.