im looking for a good mp5 style airsoft gun. help?

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the best place for guns like these that I have seen so far would be

they're a company from California. check em out. ;)
meanbean6 years ago
Do you want an mp5 or a similar gun? The Echo 1 Task Force full metal series is very good, but also fairly heavy. My old mp5sd6 weighed around 9 lbs. While this isn't too heavy, it was a little challenging to play the role of a sub machine gunner. I would recommend either the jg or the echo1 p90, as they are cheaper, lighter, have better ranges and accuracy, and most have a tactical rail built in.

Hope this helps!
rec0n6 years ago
The Echo 1 task force black series are great. Get them at eh but their customer service sucks so try but airsplats cheaper
shawneegeek7 years ago
I have one, its electric, and it works in both semi and auto. Try a military surplus store, thats where I got mine, and its a pretty good weapon.