im making a foosball table with thick legs, and i want to be able to remove the legs and put them again multiple times

on this table the wooden legs should be attached to corners from the bottom or from sides. i need to be able to remove them and add them again and again... i thought about just using screws but i guess the wood will wear out quickly. thank you for your answers

kelseymh8 years ago
Use threaded inserts (also called "tee nuts") on the table and screw-in bolts (threaded studs) on the ends of the legs, as shown in the pictures below. These items are common hardware, usually available in the aisle with those rows and rows of plastic trays. At Home Depot, ask someone over 40 (they're the only ones with brains and knowledge), or go to your local independent hardware store.
paganwonder8 years ago
tee nuts work the best for this application IMHO