im not allowed a pistol crossbow cos my parents wont let me wat can i do?

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MattC43 years ago

First you can try speaking less like a chav, then you can be responsible, say something like they can have it and you ask them when you want to use it and after a while they will get bored and let you have it full time. If all else fails you can realise you have no use for one and stop complaining

Neovenetar7 years ago
i have the same problem, my solution is to build one with some wood and fishing line.
ahmad52047 years ago
i agree with alligator trap
You can:
A. Not get a pistol crossbow.
B. Wait until you are allowed to have a pistol crossbow.
C. Realize that you don't actually need a pistol crossbow.
so let me get this strait, you want to build one but your parents won't let you. Then build something smaller w/ lesser material, if not then build something else that's not dangerous like a blowgun or something firing little puny balls btw blard, aren't u asking him the same question he's asking. makes no sense to me, no offense.
blard8 years ago
wat can you do then