im really nervous for my first kiss. what happens if i mess up and they dont wanna kiss me anymore. !?

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caarntedd5 years ago
You won't mess it up. If you think that you have, the guy will think it's his fault anyway. As thematthatter said, the guy will just be happy that you are kissing him. Relax and enjoy.
Guys are just happy a girl is kissing them.

Make sure you have clean breath. Some gum would work.

Please dont smoke, it makes your mouth taste like an ash tray.

Oh.. And if your truly worried you can practice kissing the guy first before you have your "first kiss". That way way yall both will be less worried.
Re-design5 years ago
Don't worry. NO guy can kiss just once!
frollard5 years ago
if at first you don't succeed...


My only advice, don't slobber.
ChrysN5 years ago
Don't worry, you will be fine, just don't over think it. You can pick up a few tips here and make sure your breath is fresh. 

I doubt it would be so bad that they don't want to kiss you again.  It may be a bit awkward the first time but your partner may be just as nervous.  Keep it short and simple the first time and over time you will be more comfortable with each other.