im trying to make wax molds for slingshot ammo but i dont know how

i need help to make a round mold for wax spheres but i dont know how i need them the size of marbles

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Emsaid8 years ago
Get a piece of clay and press your finger into it then bake the clay and pour your wax (i make my wax molds out of clay)
flamesami7 years ago
do the same, but with a marble and, say, a round ballpoint pen for pouring the wax in...
you could also use clay instead of sillicone
An Villain8 years ago
cera perduta, the way to cast molds for things. first purchase a marble (cheap) then surround it in a clay cube. then saw the whole thing in half. remove the marble halves and place together again, after that drill a hole through the top where the halves join together, i prefer to hold them together until they solidify but duct tape is optional. pour wax into the hole and let solidify when holding or taped together. split in two again and you have your wax ball.
5150tech8 years ago
Use a ball bearing or marble. Bearings come in stainless steal, very durable.
sharlston (author)  5150tech8 years ago
how to i make the mold though i dont need steel bearings i need a way or a method of making the mold
RTV molds.
sharlston (author)  jtobako8 years ago
sorry i dont know what they are please explain
I would use modeling clay. just find several marbles or bearings the size you want to cast . Cut several pieces of clay in to 1"x1"x 4". take the clay and cut it in half down the length so you have two .5"x.5"x4". lay out the bearings on one half of the clay centered top to bottom and evenly spaced down the length of the clay. lay the other piece of clay over the top of the bearings and gently press down this should give you something similar to the original block with bearings in the middle. use a knife or drill bit to bore a hole to the top of each bearing. It should be large enough to fill the mold with wax. now separate the two halves and remove the bearings. set two halves back together and bobs your uncle. you may have to try this a couple of times to work out the best way of working the clay and if you need to coat the bearings in cooking oil or water to act as a mold release. if you do this with back or air hardening clays it will make a mold you can use for a long time. good luck
Kiteman8 years ago
Ice-cube bags?
sharlston (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
they arent round
If you pop them out when they are still warm, you could roll them in your palms to make them round?
sharlston (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
yes nice idea i will use ice cube trays but why not light a candle wait until it completely melts blow it out wait for it to set but not dry then roll it