im using r4i sdhc and it isnt working for me?

im using r4i sdhc and it isnt working for me? it says loading then please update to latest frimware and i dont know how to make it to latest frimware

im using a ds lite

i have made it to fat 32 like it said on the box then it didnt tell me anymore instructions

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The loading problem usually means you didn't out the correct firmware in the correct place. may i ask which r4 card do you have,if you buy  R4i sdhc 3ds from r4i-sdhc team. if so, just download the latest firmware V1.56b, and then extract the file, put  all the files in the root of your sd card. then it should be working.
lemonie7 years ago

If you want a useful answer, ask a decent question.
Your question makes me think of this:
What does "im using r4i sdhc" mean?
Has it ever worked or are you trying to install it?
Do you know what firmware you have?
Nintendo, or Google "DSlite firmware"

ahmad2117 (author)  lemonie7 years ago
actually it said ''please upgrade the hardware to support the latest firmware''
i just checked
hi, did you get it fixed yet? check the website name given on the cartridge and visit that site .
You will find the latest version there
ahmad2117 (author)  chrizw1237 years ago

I'll guess that you're not using this because it wont install / start.
What else did it said on the box about hardware/firmware?

ahmad2117 (author) 7 years ago
AHAHAHAHAHAHA i was using "i" and a ds lite, gave the r4i to my cusin and he gave me an r4 sdhc "normal" and i downloaded the firm ware and it worked
ahmad2117 (author) 7 years ago
it said it supports fat 16 and 32