imovie 11 problem?

When I try to upload a video to vimeo or you tube imovie says "sharing requires more memory to be available quit iMovie and relaunch it". I've tried to upload a video like a billion times. 

I'm doing this on a almost new computer with 16gb memory


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Save the movie then upload the file from where you saved it and not from the movie editor.
www139 (author) 4 years ago
the problem is resolved! The problem believe it or not was because of a corrupted imovie project. The project was overriding the program and slowing it down so I had to delete the project. (With help from apple)
www139 (author) 4 years ago
It's on a macintosh 10.8.4 system.
www139 (author) 4 years ago
I should say that it doesn't work there either! It says to convert the file and when I do that imovie gives the same error message! it's crazy!
When your editing the file in iMove your editing with the raw format. You need to encode the video before you can upload it anywhere. Encoding takes a good bit of time and a lot of your system resources. When your telling iMovie to upload the video it's trying to encode and upload at the same time which most systems can't handle. Once the movie is encoded to your file format of choice then go to the site you want to upload the video to and used there upload tool to find the file on your PC and start the upload.
When I upload a movie to youtube I just upload the movies saved file I don't do it through a program other than my web browser and I don't have any trouble.

But then again I have 32 gig ram.