import NFL win/loss data in to Excel?

i have 2 Sheets in excel with the team names going Across & Down to form a matrix. 1 Sheet for Home Games, 1 Sheet for Away.

is there any way to import that data into excel.

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canucksgirl5 years ago
I'm a little confused by your question. You said the data is already in Excel (as shown by your image), but you want to export to Excel???

Are you trying to put both the home and away data into the same spreadsheet (such as a page 1 and page 2)?
furby (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
i have the team names in there in Alphabetical order.
i want to get the Win/Loss so i can put
eg. Arizona vs Denver it puts W or L in the appropriate cell.
then repeat that for the away sheet

"Are you trying to put both the home and away data into the same spreadsheet (such as a page 1 and page 2)?"
Same Workbook different sheets.

if i can't do it is there any site that show the results for ALL weeks
I think you may have some issues with the way your spreadsheet has been organized...

If D3 is the result of Arizona VS Atlanta, what information should show in that cell? Should it just say "Win" or "Loss"? How does this information relate to the corresponding column or row? If a "Win" is placed in D3, is that a win for Arizona or a win for Atlanta? and which team is the home team based on your spreadsheet?
furby (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago

column Home \/
row Away >

separate sheets for Home Games and Away Games
furby (author)  furby5 years ago

if i can get the data in the format of

HOME Team - AWAY Team - HOME score - AWAY score.

i could probably work something out
that way i don't NEED to know who won. ( i can do that with excel)
furby (author)  furby5 years ago
this is the Data feed that i'm using
the XML feed for "Regular Season game scores and lines:"
I'm working on it...
furby (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
sending you a link with my current book in it
furby (author) 5 years ago
i've decided to go a different way.
I'm sure you figured out that what you're trying to achieve isn't a fast job...

I managed to re-do the spreadsheet so that both home and away are in one sheet and then the data from that sheet populates another sheet with a full summary of the teams (so that you can see the total home wins/losses, total away wins/loses, points total, points margin/differential, total wins/losses etc) AND rank the teams according to their standings...

The only part I didn't get done was coding the sheet that populates the game table. The reason I didn't, is to be honest, its a big job! If the spreadsheet is going to be reused for future years, it has to be done right. There's also a HUGE number of cells on the games table that have to be coded. Right now, you could manually enter in all the scores and it would populate the summary page, but that's not what you asked for... To set things up the way you wanted would require MANY more hours of work (and its not something I'm prepared to do for free); but can it be done? Absolutely.

Nonetheless, I'm glad you found another way... :-)
furby (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
i ended up doing something something similar.
i also added 2 sheets for Historical data.
concatenating YearTeamLocation(h or v) winner and loser are in separate columns.

i'll upload a copy when i get home from holidays because i forgot to bring it with me :(