in an bike powered generator can i take the current to my laptop r do i have to use an battery if so YYYYYYYY????????

if i make an bike powered generator which will power my laptop do i have 2 use battery r can i go in the laptop directly and if so could it damage my laptop that way ???????

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patnat (author) 6 years ago
ok thks for the reply m8s and cheers also happy new year L8 but that me ;-)
seandogue6 years ago
The question isn't whether it will damage your laptop, (can easily be handled by proper voltage regulator use), it's whether the generator will provide sufficient power to power the laptop. I doubt you'll get enough current from a bike generator without causing so much drag in the drive that it makes it difficult to peddle.
yeah so true,
lemonie6 years ago

Charge the battery, with an appropriate charging-circuit.
Don't try to go directly into the laptop.