instructible to home made radio controlled small helicopter ,which could fly in home ,without using a market kit

please could some one tell me a detailed instructible to make a homemade radiocontrolled small helicopter which could fly in home,without using a market kit ,also the neccesary eletronic components to use?pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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lemonie8 years ago
If you don't know, buy one.
These things are technically difficult, it's easier and cheaper to buy. If you really want to do this for the experience / for the sake of doing it, you should ask for help not a total walkthrough.

Grathio lemonie8 years ago
2nding that they are technically difficult. I'm generally very good at detailed work and I could barely take mine apart and put it back together again successfully. Building one from scratch I wouldn't even begin to try. In addition there were several specialized components inside. I didn't price them, but I can guarantee that buying the parts separately (if you can find them) would cost much more than just buying a prebuilt one.
themike0011 (author)  Grathio8 years ago
lemonie Grathio8 years ago
Aye, and as mikeasaurus observes, the novelty can wear off...

themike0011 (author)  lemonie8 years ago
And you can do all that for less than the cost of buying one ?
themike0011 (author)  steveastrouk8 years ago
seconded. Making this would be less fun than you think, especially since the toy itself looses it's novelty after about a month.

try google
themike0011 (author)  mikeasaurus8 years ago