instructions on how to make a ACRYLIC SPAGHETTI HANGING LAMP thank you jennyb

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rickharris7 years ago
having looked up Acrylic Spag lights on google I suspect they are extruded using molten acrylic over a balloon former. This isn't going to be easy to do at home. For a similar look perhaps you can look at stripping a soda bottle into thin strip and the knit or crochet a ball from it - you would need to use a low power light source to reduce the heat produced.
Maybe grease up a football, "scribble" all over it in hot-glue, then cut the glue into two halves to remove from the ball?
Kiteman Kiteman7 years ago
No, scratch that - the hot bulb would melt the glue.
ChrysN7 years ago
You can try something like this:
frollard7 years ago
Start with some acrylic spaghetti -- add something that puts out light, and hang it up :D Add a few more details or perhaps a drawing of what you want and we can be more helpful.