interference problem with LED landscape lighting and the garage door opener. How can I measure the signal of each? Thanx

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Not easily, without an oscilloscope. To stop the interference, put a clamp-on filter around the cable to the LEDS
dmspaz (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Thaks for the advice. I am not familiar with the clamp-on filter can you tell me about them?
Hi, This is a sample from a UK site. Simply clamp it over the LED wire from the power.

We are talking about a radio problem aren't we ?

+1. Presuming the controller is a radio transmitter, then you're probably getting interference from the LED's power supply, which is chattering an unintended broadcast at or near the same frequency band used by the garage door opener.

You may also need to physically shield the power supply housing, although I suspect Steve has the solution, since the wiring is a great antenna.
Re-design6 years ago
If the interference is optical rather than electrical, you may have to physically block the light from the landscape lighting. You might put the door opener receiver in a tube so that it only "sees" the correct signal. Kinda like blinders on a horse.