delay, android with adafruitIO and maximum data in feed?

Hello Becky. Thank you for this amazing class. I am pretty experienced with Arduino and your class helped me a lot to take this experience to a new level. I have a few questions for you.

1. How much maximum delay there can be between ""s in my loop? Or do you think it matters?

2. Me and my friend are working on an automatic watering system that should be controlled with an Android app. Do you know if there is any instructions to connect Android app with Adafruit IO?

3. Is there a limit for the data that is sent to the feed? For example, I have tried and successfully sent my data to Azure IoT hub and see it in PowerBI. I used free trial and there was a limit of 8k messages for a day. It was really complicated and I am happy I found your class. I think AdafruitIO will do the job.

bekathwia6 months ago

Hi! Thank you for your thoughtful questions. I don't know the answers to any of them, but there is an Adafruit io forum where the folks over there can answer your technical questions about their platform:

Glad you are enjoying the class!

NicatH1 (author)  bekathwia6 months ago

And yes, I found answers to my questions in the forum. I should have looked there before asking :D

NicatH1 (author)  bekathwia6 months ago

Uh, and there is one thing I want to point out that AdafruitIO.h library did not work consistently for me. The connection was dropping after a few minutes of sending data and was not reconnecting. I was thinking it was because the site is in beta stage. But then I looked through the tutorials and documentation in forum and used Adafruit_Mqtt libraries without AdafruitIO and it works like a charm now. I know AdafruitIO.h is wrapped around the mqtt libraries and makes it easy to work with them but anyway it was not working for me. I just tell you because others might experience the same problem and ask you :)