ipad app for posting ibles?

I guess this is more of a request than a question, sooooo..
Can someone please make an app for IPads that allows you to post a new 'ible and upload pictures???  
I'm thinking something similar to the facebook app that allows you to "choose a picture from your library" or 'take a new picture"?

writing an app is well beyond the scope of what I can do/have time to learn how. Please instructaballers, show some app ingenuity!

kelseymh2 years ago
Please see Staff's answer to an equivalent issue, posted as a bug report.

Sounds like my own idea was too simplistic, given Apple's predilection for locking people in their walled garden :-(
lzmini2 years ago
Simply save the Instructables as a pdf and you can load that into the ipad using iBooks which is a free app, then you just read them.

There are several apps that will let you open a web browser and a notebook and allow you to cut and paste between them.
kelseymh2 years ago
Does the iPad run any Web browsers? Is there a version of Firefox which is compatible with the iPad?
The iPad does have a broswer. I don't _think_ it's Firefox, but haven't checked. So you can certainly do a lot of the work of writing your I'ble from there.

Uploading a picture from the iPad might be a challenge, though. I've been told that the iPad, like the iPhone/iTouch, doesn't have a shared filesystem -- each app has its own storage and they don't really talk to each other. I think you'd have to synch the image back to a "real" general-purpose PC and upload it from there.

Unless the iPad will let you cut-and-paste images somehow, and the browser will let you upload the images that way..
Most apple stuff (ipod, iphone) would use Safari, I assume ipad would be the same way).
It does, I have one. Though other browsers are available.
Since the iPad is basically an iTouch on growth hormones, that's certainly my guess.

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