is a bodine motor good for a wind generator

i am thinking about buying a bodine motor for a wind generator it has 1725 rpm and it is 90 volts. here is a link for a picture of the motor!

iceng4 years ago
  1. A brush armature Bodine machine is a short lived generator.
  2. A brush slip ring generator is what cars use.
  3. A brushless generator is what wind machines use the world over !
The more the number of poles in a generator determine how slow the generator can work.
  • Wind turbans turn at ten to several hundred RPM
  • Your motor is almost 2000 RPM that is TEN Times too fast
  • Expect to get only 9 Volts unless you get a gear-box to raise the speed'
  • A gear box will loose energy !
Any motor will work for a wind generator. It's just a matter of how much power it can produce at low RPMs and whether your wind mill is even powerful enough to spin it.