is anyone working on a k'nex gun with shell ejection?

i was wondering if anyone is working on a shell ejection knex gun

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TheDunkis8 years ago
Actually I have a project on hold for that. There are a few out there already although we don't have any good repeating designs yet. I was designing an XM8 with shell ejection that repeated and loaded from a removable magazine however I didn't have enough pieces to continue the project.
Dandog507 years ago
i have made a knex shell ejecting sniper rifle i dont know if i should post it
please post it
U can sorta mod my new pistol in a shell ejection
im finished my one but i dont know if i should post it only problem is it is single shot and its a slingshot gun its also a pistol
im working on one just now but um not sure what mechanism to use
noobererer8 years ago
Im trying to make one right now, i had the idea then i came accros this question. So would any1 be able to post a mech or somethin becuz i kept on tryin to figure it out but i had no idea other than having to remove a piece after every shot :P
I was working on it and I finished it and it worked fine. However I tore it apart but I can easily remake it. It had a mag.
bruce9118 years ago
I have one made at the moment and I am working in posting it..
yes and it can fit in most any gun