is it ever better 2 use a block trigger on knex guns?

im making a knex gun what do i do? A:go the easy way and use block trigger which i already have done or B: make it true trigger

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If you want it for battle, yes.
~KGB~7 years ago
block triggers are more reliable
Lowney8 years ago
Block triggers perform better and are stronger than true triggers. Their reliability, efficiency and power is bested only by the ultra rare sears trigger. For your gun I reccomend you hook a true trigger to a block. Take a look at extreme builder's revolver, or Gorkem's sniper to see how.
An Villain8 years ago
block triggers can hold infinite tension almost, they only break when the actual piecs are crushed, but they open you up to bad ratings and occasionally death threats, your best bet is if you want it to have a block trigger is to make a block trigger to true trigger conversion.
NYPA8 years ago
For a ram operated gun, It doesn't matter. Both types ( unless It's a sears trigger) will block the ram from proceeding forward. The only difference is a true trigger will usually move a "blocking piece" Down or up to unblock the trigger. Blocks will move left or right. Though you should make a true trigger because block triggers have been done COUNTLESS times And most people hate them. I don't. You'll end up with a better reputation in guns with a true trigger.
Sandy44444 NYPA8 years ago
depends. no block trigger on crossbows no block. for replicating real guns and making things look like the real thing true trigger. for war, watever u like
DJ Radio8 years ago
EVERY ONE OF YOU forgot to consider if he would post it or not. If he is gonna post it, then no, he should not use a block trigger, unless it was a block-true setup. If he is using it for a war, then he can use a block trigger since nobody cares what trigger you have in a war.
knexsniper18 years ago
it's always better to use a block because they are the most reliable type of trigger out there. it can be used for many puproses such as for snipers, where most people have made a true-block trigger, a combination of the block and the true trigger. it basically works by connecting a true trigger, that has no purpose all on its own, to the block trigger way in the front or back of the gun, and when the true trigger is pullet, the block trigger is also pulled. Hope this helps! :) -ksp
It is almost always better to use a block.