is it good idea to replace my car battery with super capacitor bank?

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iceng1 month ago

Super Caps unlike batteries cannot be left at an airport parking lot for a week and be expected to remain 12VDC.. They are Capacitors despite the fact they canck, they will loose charge...

Then there are recharging difficulties because even matched units will not charge evenly and a series pair could get overvolt until the low cap catches up...

HarishK95 (author) 1 month ago


Won't hold a charge over a medium time.


If this was such a good idea manufacturers would be fitting them.


Only real advantage is the ability to charge and discharge quickly, that's not really a feature your car wants.

Check how capacitors work and compare that to a car battery, especially in terms of charging requirements and driving the starter motor.
As a backup for a beefy amp in the rear no problem, same for data logging purposes and two way radios.
Also don't be fooled to think a suitable capacitor (bank) will be cheaper or last longer than a good battery ;)

HarishK95 (author) 1 month ago this video show that it can canck a engine

rickharris1 month ago

Personally I doubt it. If it was cost effective manufacturers would be fitting them.

bwrussell1 month ago


iceng bwrussell1 month ago


No, not a practical physical or economic idea to any one versed in the electronic arts.