is it legal to have pepper spray in school?

what is says up there^^

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 NO!  It is a weapon.  You can get in a lot of trouble for having, and even worse for using it.  Plus you will really turn the students against you.

Talk to someone about the problem.

Read up on popularity, like 

Take a karate class.

Sorry this is still bothering you.
goatmurray6 years ago
If you are in Washington state, take a look at RCW 9.91.160. Really, look at it.
08techgrad7 years ago
I'd check local statutes concerning concealed weapons, and the schools own handbook which will spell out rules regarding campus violence regardless of the circumstances.  In a nutshell, probably not.
Burf8 years ago
Most schools have a zero tolerance policy regarding weapons and devices such as pepper spray, mace, Tasers, nunchucks and so on. School boards and administrators usually set the policies and they are not particularly lenient regarding weapons, defensive or not.
Get caught with anything like that and you'll be spending some quality time on suspension.
Check with your school to find out what their policy is but you better leave it at home until you get specific clearance to bring it to school (which I sincerely doubt you will.)
Bartboy Burf8 years ago
Most AMERICAN schools.
In Canada, tons of people bring knives to school, and nobody gets stabbed. Funny, how that works...
really? here in australia, there was a kid a school near ours stabbed in the playground.
Well what I said was an exaggeration... But I don't know of anyone under 18 being stabbed in the city I live, (Pop. 150,000)
Kiteman8 years ago
In the UK, possession of a pepper spray is an offence under section five of the Firearms Act.

Bringing one to school could, depending on context, earn you anything from a long-term suspension (two weeks) to a permanent exclusion and a criminal prosecution.
Re-design8 years ago
Did you talk to a teacher or a councelor yet?

It's a problem the school should be taking care of now.
framistan8 years ago
Here are some websites that might have answers for you...
.    If you look on GOOGLE and search "bullies" there are many more sites that might give you ideas.   I am sure it is illegal to bring pepperspray into school.. pepperspray is made from jalepeno peppers the same thing you put on your hamburgers at lunch time.

orksecurity8 years ago
Note that in some places it's illegal to have pepper spray, period.

And even where legal, using it in a situation where it isn't CLEARLY necessary can get you in serious trouble for "excessive force". Nothing that's going to happen in school, short of someone else pulling a weapon on you or beating you to the point of serious injury, is likely to be considered sufficient justification.

If you think you need it... you need to talk to someone about what's happening that makes you think you need it.
acidbass8 years ago
depending on what kind of school some high schools allow it but most schools nation wide do not tolerate it