is it posible to make a knex gun with mag where te breeach does not need modefied parts?

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DJ Radio7 years ago
Yes.  You can make it to where the breech uses tan locks if you are using a round barrel.  But it's not as efficient that way.  A good example would be Mepain's sniper rifle.
rofl4957 years ago
Not with a round barrel, guns with rectangular barrels like the spiff do not need any modified pieces.
No, read my comment above.
but those barrels have a ton of friction.
Not really, the barrel is slightly larger than the rod, so there isn't too much friction.
KNEXFRANTIC (author)  rofl4957 years ago
im not sure because im working on a asult riffle and the reciver is made of a rail and it has a round barel to give a snug fit along the round travling throgh th barel
some rectangular barrels are square shaped and a rod fits perfectly inside.
cj814997 years ago
there are so many combinations with knex that probably yes but one has not been found that I know of yet