is it possibile to repurpose an lcd screen from a broken laptop?

as i remember is an Acer, i dont remember the model.. what i need for this? i wish use it like an additional monitor, i dont care if will be using vga or else

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jbaker225 years ago
I you have a large enough intact part you can make a screen projector out of it. I can help more with that.
You still need the drivers and power supply from the laptop to do this which is the same problem you face turning it into a regular screen.
WWC5 years ago

Everything that drives the LCD is in the laptop, not in the LCD.
Vyger5 years ago
You would be money ahead to sell it somewhere like E bay and then just buy a new monitor.
Jayefuu5 years ago
There are kits available to do this, but they cost almost as much as a brand new screen with stand, bezel and power supply.