is it possible to continuously run a flash filament from a disposable camera. building DIY LCD projector

is it possible to continuously run a flash filament from a disposable camera. I understand that I would have to rid the capacitor and run a few of the chargers in parallel to maintain enough power output. Will it over heat and what kind of light output are we talking about? Is it worth doing should I use high power LEDs?. I am planning to custom build one of those LCD projectors and have about 200 disposable flash cameras lying around and can get heaps more for free… so it would be more feasible if this would work.

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lemonie8 years ago
There isn't a filament in these things, it's a gas discharge tube. You might get it to work with a high frequency, high voltage supply, but it seems like a lot of work to use something free. Getting 200 of these to trip simultaneously would be a good idea though! L
grimgroper (author)  lemonie8 years ago
yeh well i though one is bloody bright maybe a few hundred would be like the surface of the sun.. just gotta try not to kill myself playing with those high voltages
Those were my thoughts - would be great to do wouldn't it? L
electrosam8 years ago
It is practically possible to run continuesly flash element. Flash element consist of Xenon Tube. You require high voltage for flashing of it. You will need to build ballast-capacitor circuit like in Tubelights but according to the voltage and current rating of flash tube. But I guess the tubes will burn out as they are not intended for constant use.
zs8 years ago
i wonder the same thing but if you have a lot of flash bulbs i would suggest experimentation. try many different ways using different caps and resistors. if you find a way that works make an 'ible on it.
grimgroper (author)  zs8 years ago
yeh that will probably end up happening.. theres a few nice 'ibles on how to extract the vital parts used for building a coil gun so they will be nice and useful when i do get the time to run a few tests ill for sure up a 'ible on it
zs grimgroper8 years ago
sounds good if i get a new soldering iron soon i will also, until then its tape and gator clip leads
Joe Martin8 years ago
Think of heat a flash bulb gives of and how hot to the touch it is after one flash, now if it was possible for it to ever work cooling the thing would be a big problem. I would suggest a halogen work light or something similar.
grimgroper (author)  Joe Martin8 years ago
thanks but after the flash the bulb doesnt seem to heat up ive tested that but your right it may heat up over a period of time.. thank god i have an almost endless supply of pc case fans