is it possible to delete people's comments on your instructables?

can you delete or change someone else's comments on your video

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Kiteman4 years ago
No, but if they are inappropriate, or spam, you can use the flag button next to each comment.

Otherwise, you could contact the comment author by Private Message and ask nicely.
I'm guessing he doesn't like your realistic comments on his cel phone gold video...
Tawhid K (author)  frollard4 years ago
no but kitmen's comments on my paper airplane video annoyed me.
I gave you the opportunity to have them removed ("you could contact the comment author by Private Message and ask nicely."), but you didn't take it.

You also seem to have missed that I went out of my to finish on a positive note.
See, there is a difference between constructive criticism and being mean... It's not an invite to be rude to others but welcome to the real world - this is an open forum and people can say what they want in the realm of constructive. It would pay you dividends to pay attention to long-time members like Kiteman. There's a reason he has over 80 featured instructables...
if you contact a menber of the team , tell them you want it removes and they will do it for you
samaddon4 years ago
No it's not possible!
blkhawk4 years ago
You need to reply to the people that leave comments, that way they are informed of your reply.