is it possible to downgrade a ipad2 wifi only running ios 5.0 to ios 4.3.3?

hello all i have a conundrum i have recently purchased a ipad 2 wifi only version that came with ios 5.0 (non beta) i wish to downgrade it to ios 4.3.3 for jailbreaking ect. i have tried using the tiny umbrella program and have modified my hosts file numerous times but have received error code messages 3194, 2005 and 20 i am running a windows 7 operating system and would really like help doing this as a incentive i will give whoever answers the best a custom patch and my undying gratitude

thank you

Troy_15 years ago
If your iPad already has iOS 5 on it then I don't think it is possible to downgrade.
fidgety2 (author)  Troy_15 years ago
seeing as your answer is the only answer posted for approximately 5 months and since my ipad is currently jailbroken at this time congratulations you get the best answer