is it possible to make a knex sniper rifle powered by a roller coaster mechanism instead of a slingshot?

a gun,powered by a very strong motor ex: powerdrill

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TigerNod8 years ago
heatblast (author)  TigerNod8 years ago
Didn't notice that instructable, But i get your point.
wabawaba6 years ago
Hey I just built a knex gun that is full auto, its somewhat like kne s knex full auto
except I poweredit off a powerdrill and it empties 20 rounds in like a second Ill try to get some pics up, also I used like 6 rubber bands on it and theres still no problems. It shoots something like 25-35 feet.
The Jamalam8 years ago
try things yourself rather than asking everyone else! You could have got praise for invention!
heatblast (author)  The Jamalam8 years ago
Did you not read my previous comment? I said i didn't have any gears. Therefore i can't build this.Try being polite rather than bickering at other people.
I never bickered with you. I was pointing something that you had a unique opportunity to get credit for a new idea. It's hard to portray emotion through typing, and i now see it could seem agressive. DON'T jump to conclusions. If you have no gears, why did you even ask?
heatblast (author)  The Jamalam8 years ago
well,sorry my bad. to me you sounded a bit steemed,i didn't know you were pointing something out. i only asked because i'm not rich, i'm poor. and knex aren't cheap, they're very expensive in pounds. the prices can be anywhere from 50 to 100's of us dollars. i figured if i gave permission to somebody who has enough knex since their childhood, i would give them credit for the instructable, and can give me credit for the idea,if they want.
if yur poor how do have a computer?
182515 Furloy7 years ago
Computers are cheap you can get a good used one for 10 dollars, belive me i know. : )
Furloy 1825157 years ago
cool!!!!!!! where?
182515 Furloy7 years ago
look at garage sales or ask your neighbors. I got one from a someone 3 houses down for $8 and its almost as good as the one that I had had then.
Furloy8 years ago
copy and paste this if you like Green Day!
Bartboy8 years ago
50 rippin rocket motors in a row would probably be enough....
OLLIE!1238 years ago
unless it was like a cog powered by a motor that would have enuf force to power a bullet far and if it did it would be a slow semi auto tthat fired bout everyfive secs
stale568 years ago
sry, but i dont think so, but it would be a good idea. the only problem would be that wen a motor starts, it takes a couple of seconds for it 2 reach maximum speed, so you would need to put the ammo after the motor was on for a couple of seconds... so i dont think so
heatblast (author)  stale568 years ago
i just thought it would be a good idea. i figured, if you used a powerdrill for a motor or two of them,you would have enough power. just so you know, powerdrills have strong motors. that's why they have so much horsepower, but it depends on what brand.
it might end up working, idk, but u wont find out till u try it, im just saying, IMO (in my opinion) i dont think it will work, but you never know... STORY TIME ON THIS TOPIC!!! 1 time, me and my friend were making a track 4 halotracks, and i needed a jump towards the end of it, so i tried adding a barrier on its side, my friend thought it wouldnt work, but he tried it, and ended up using it in his own track (and the track he made got featured on halotracks) if you dont understand the story, then dont worry about it... but still try it, you never know
heatblast (author)  stale568 years ago
i would,but i can't sorry. the reason for that is that i don't have any gears or motors. other than that, i have plenty of rods and connectors. If someone built it other than me, i'd be greatful and give credit. :)
Der Bradly8 years ago
No, Unless you could multiply the gears so much that it has enough force of a rubbeband.
some roller coaster use rubber bands to launch it at least, homemade ones do