is it possible to make a laser beam more powerful by adding more lasers?

iv been looking at the laser cutter 'ables and am wondering it its possible to combine say 10 fairly high powered (cheap/er) lasers into a single beam to create a more powerful burn. id prefer not to go out and buy $2000 worth of laser which ill most likely break. or get arrested for trying to bring through customs. i was thinking of using a diverging lens to make the spread out rays in a parallel path. in diagram i understand that mounting the lasers will be a challenge.. but will constructive/deconstructive interference be a problem.. i didnt listen to well in physics. any ideas would be appreciated grim out.

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Zaius11 months ago

From what I've read the problem is that lasers of the same wavelength cancel each other out unless you can control the phase of each beam.

My attempt was unsuccessful. Got two IR lasers (that actually cut and burn eva foam, paper, etc) and pointed both at the same place, correctly focused, but it didn't improve the burn-cut. I tried something like the drawing posted above but without a lens (but yes, focused etc etc).

But I think it is possible, how? diff wavelengths and not using the Y shape, is too difficult to actually point at the same little tiny dot. I would need a drawing to explain but, I would use one from close distance and the other right behind slightly to the side, so both would be focused at diff focal distances but at the same dot.

I actually did this with 1w blue laser and a red dot laser pointer, my intention was using just the red one for location, and surprisingly discover it was far more easy to focus them on the same place. The thing is (in case you fail to see the point here, Y shape without a lens actually ends up on an X very easily. So the more perpendicular they are the better.

MiftaL1 year ago


dpsilver7 years ago
well im not sure but i think all the lasers u have, has to be the same wavelength and in phase with each other
instead or using the lens u could just focus all the lasers on ur target i think 
You can use different Beams by using an RGB Beam Combiner, Which you can see here if interested. ( hope this may help someone. Cause I to would like to set up multiple Beams into one Powerhouse for cutting. And most of all to set up a vary large capacitor bank to fire off One Big Hot Shot at a time like a Laser Canon. If anyone has any knowledge for implementing a Laser Canon. It would be appreciated.
oangelo7 years ago
You should use lasers of different wave lengths(colors)!
krujh27 years ago
Yes, a concave lens (like the one in the diagram)would focus the lasers into a single point and, as long as the lasers you have are burning ones, it would increase the burn rate. In other words, say your lasers power variable is L. Now, if you take 5 lasers, 5 L, the equation would equal to 5 times the power of 1 Laser, or 1 L, shown here:

P=5 (power)

Lx5=5 L=L+L+L+L+L=P

Funny enough, I was actually thinking of doing the same thing. That's how I found this question. Hope everything I've said helps you!

Pinworthy8 years ago
Try a concave mirror like the telescopes use.  That would combine your beams but i am not sure if it would do any cutting as you only have a focus point and not a focused beam.

Steve D
Steamdnt8 years ago
It seems like a possibility, however it would likely be incredibly difficult to align the lasers and lens in to a usable beam... Instead of lasers how about a death ray, thing converging lens and sunlight, using a large fresnel lens from a big old TV to make it is relatively simple and would give you a powerful beam, also when focused right it'd be small...
Not that small a focal point. Steve