is it possible to make a solar collector to sit on the bottom of the pool and heat it from there?

the bottom of the pool is the coldest water so why not heat it from there. what would be a good black material that would sink, absorb energy from the sun and transmit it as heat to the surrounding area. would this not create a method of convection current heating?

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Yes!!!!! In fact solar collectors have been built on this principle.
The solar collectors used black bottomed pools and a brine solution
concentrated on the bottom to keep convection currents from taking
the heat up to the fresh water on top of the pool.  After several days
in the sun temperatures approached boiling.  This info from
Direct Use of the Sun's Energy by Farington Daniels.  Spelling
could be off.
kricketone8 years ago
no to much light refraction
brokengun8 years ago
I think you'd be better off having some sort of external solar heating supply and having the outlet into the pool toward the bottom for maximum convection.
lemonie8 years ago
Discussion here (a previous question) is on the same subject:

Sounds great in principle, but the IR is well absorbed by the water long before it penetrates to the bottom of the pool..