is it possible to use walkie talkies to control an rc car?theres something about transmiting data with those so...?

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cd40115 years ago
hi,somewhere have made this proyect or similar,walkie + own decoder (16f84,etc)?
yourcat8 years ago

Walkie talkies just work wrong, but the RF Link stuff on that page would be good for some kind of R/C system.
raykholo (author)  yourcat8 years ago
thank you the product looks to be a bit expensive but will probably work within this application
expensive? ??? It's the RF link stuff near the bottom of the page... the stuff that costs ~$10?
raykholo (author)  yourcat8 years ago
oh... i thought u were talking about the fm stuff at the top...
sound918 years ago
Yes, they both run on radio waves. The only problem is that they won't be set to the same exact frequency, and the walkie talkie won't be putting out signals that the car can understand. The walkie talkie may cause the car to make some jerky movements or similar, but no, a walkie talkie will not control a RC car without some major adjustments.
raykholo (author)  sound918 years ago
i meant something more along the lines of wiring the walkie into a decoder, which would in turn trigger a relay to close circuit(s) on the cars pcb and drive it that way. so one walkie would be hooked up to the car, and maybe the other one could be hooked to a computer, so that it would simply send out a stream of data (driving commands)?