is justin biebar a girl or boy?

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NachoMahma6 years ago
. Yes
Hereby nominated for Best Answer. (Though these days you can't be certain. There's at least one Japanese pop star who is a computer animation. I don't know whether they're also synthesizing her voice.)
caarntedd6 years ago
Isn't Biebar a cartoon elephant?

That'd be Babar.

Not to be confused with BaBar :-D
I'd not suffered from that confusion myself, but for the benefit of others, thanks for the clarification.

orksecurity6 years ago
Boy, but I believe his handlers are deliberately giving him a somewhat androgynous style so he's nonthreatening, and thus more attractive, to teen girls.

(I don't dislike him any more than I do any other manufactured celebrity. He's a product. He's a good example of what he is. I'm emphatically not the target audience.)
iceng6 years ago
frollard iceng6 years ago
I thought the justin part gave that away :)
You've never seen his photo, then...
Don't get me started on the difference between sex, gender, and sexuality... :)
rickharris6 years ago
Had to look it up - Boy - Why is he so reviled?
....probably because he can get/is getting more female attention than any 17 year old male can even dream of.

Its all jealousy.
I suspect Selena Gomez is probably authoritative on the subject.
David976 years ago
Tecnaly he is a boy. But he had his penis split in half and turned inside out to simulate a vigina and then his balls were cut off.