is my older dog playing with the puppy?

I have two West Highland White Terriers who will be 13 in October. My husband I recently got a puppy who is about three months old. Just last night all three were running back and forth down our hallway, chasing each other. I am not sure if my older dogs were playing with the puppy or what. All three dogs had their tails wagging. At several times the puppy went under our bed with our female Westie under there with him and the male Westie standing outside barking at him. 

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iceng5 years ago
Adult male Westies don't go under beds with puppies..

Yes, they are playing together. It's amazing how a puppy invigorates
an older dog and gives them more energy for a couple years.

Enjoy the fun :-)

WWC iceng5 years ago
That is so true for some of us older dawgs. ha
Re-design iceng5 years ago
Plus 10
iceng Re-design5 years ago
lemonie5 years ago
Is this causing you a DIY problem?

bwrussell5 years ago
There is a distinct difference between playing and something more aggressive. Raised heckles, bared teeth, and growling are signs of aggression or fear. Barking, chasing, and even play fighting are just that, play.
hcaywood (author)  bwrussell5 years ago
Okay. Thanks. My female Westie will slightly bare her teeth at him if he gets to close to something of hers or she is getting annoyed with him.
hcaywood (author) 5 years ago
Okay. I'm just a little nervous cause our male Westie will continually bark at him while they are playing. So that's why I am unsure if they are playing or teaching him. My husband said that they were playing too.