is rock band equipment capable of playing guitar hero???????

can rock band equipment play on guitar hero world tour

peach_fart7 years ago
yes, but with some exceptions. rockband controllers on the wii arent compatible with guitar hero because the wiimote doesn't plug in to it, and ive heard the high tom and ride cymbal tracks merge when rockband drums are plugged in. however, the guitar hero guitar works in rockband. not sure about the drums though.
frollard8 years ago
The rb drums are missing one compared to the gh drums...that would cause a problem - as of the newer games sony/microsoft put an end to the hardware war between the games and said they must be compatible with each other. Guitars work, but you can't do the solo stuff in rock band with a gh guitar. A few minor other features aren't available cross platform, but strumming and fret buttons will work.
dilandou8 years ago
There's an official compatibility list on the Guitar Hero page here (it's a pdf).
mr.origami8 years ago
it should i believe