is the daisy red ryder bb gun anygood for shooting targets and cans?

does it work on air or spring? can it shoot pellets aswell? and will it puncture a can or a cardboard box?

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charlie2536 years ago
does anyone know where I can find detailed with pics instructions to fix a Red Ryder bb gun.I cocked it but cannot get it to fire and am afraid it may go off if I try to jimmie inside workins without help.thanks if you can help! send any info to Charlie and thanks agsin
jhonjhon5897 years ago
the best way to do target practice with the red rider is to make a few can pyramids and put water in the can's the see how many u can knock down
Pinkly8 years ago
According to "lever-action spring rifle" "perfect for plinking, shooting paper targets and for training new shooters" It shoots BBs only--holds 650 at a time. It shouldn't have any trouble with soda cans. I don't know if it's powerful enough to penetrate thicker cans. I've got a BB pistol that won't shoot through steel cans (soup, large cat food cans) but will penetrate aluminum cans (soda, small cat food cans). Cardboard boxes shouldn't be much trouble. I've destroyed the front of a corrugated cardboard box with my pistol at 295 fps (feet per second). The Red Ryder is 350 fps. Yes, there are better, more accurate, more powerful BB guns, but the Red Ryder is a classic and a good starter.
seandogue8 years ago
You'll Shoot yer eye out! ;P
I have one and it is great it can do what you want and more its extremely accurate. I think that it is air powered.
Dr.Bill8 years ago
the crossman 760 is a lot better.
goeon8 years ago
it can break skin and kill small birds so it could possibly puncture a box
read the wiki!!!
sharlston (author)  goeon8 years ago
have you got one?
goeon sharlston8 years ago
my friend owns 3
sharlston (author)  goeon8 years ago
wow im trying to get 1 but im scared of the gun going throught american customs do you know where i can get 1 in the uk?
goeon sharlston8 years ago
sharlston (author)  goeon8 years ago
dam its out of stock yesterday it was selling for $18
goeon sharlston8 years ago
lol too late
sharlston (author)  goeon8 years ago
ye i figured that out lol
goeon sharlston8 years ago