is the ford Mondeo gonna be sold in the USA?

im wondering if the Ford Mondeo is gonna be sold in the USA, and what it will be called. i think it will be the next crown vic, but it will be sold in USA, as Fusion 3rd gen

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yokozuna6 years ago
From Wikipedia: "As with the previous model, the Mk4 Mondeo is not marketed in the US or Canada because Ford currently sells the same-class Fusion, which was launched in 2005."
jason the redneck guy (author)  yokozuna5 years ago
is mk3 ford fusion in usa and mondeo mk5 in europe
Weirdly , Ford recycles model NAMES in completely different bodies, in different national markets. My Ford Fusion is a sub-compact by your reckoning I suspect.
ja86694 years ago
I live in the U.S. and just got back from England. The Ford Fusion is not a Mondeo. I don't care what anyone says. The Mondeo kicks butt and I want one. Guess I will have to live in the U.K. or Ireland to drive a cool car. Look out folks, here comes a yankee.