is the movie "9" any good? and what is it about? (no spoilers please)

is the movie "9" any good? and what is it about? (no spoilers please)

abrummett2 years ago
I bought the shirt about three years ago. I might have seen it in a theater,,, easily forgettable. I give the movie 9 a 4.
framistan4 years ago
One of the FEW movies i walked out of because it was no good. It reminded me of a kids cartoon. The plot was forgetable. It didnt have any kind of message. The animation was SUPERB, but i didn't care about the characters. If you like kids monster cartoons, you will probably like it. I am 54 years old... maybe my taste is different than you youngsters.
Re-design4 years ago
I give the movie "9" a "5".
Grathio4 years ago
Is it any good? Metacritic gives it a 60%. (Mixed or average reviews) while Rotten Tomatoes gives it 56%.

In short the critical consensus is not great, but not bad. Also generally more violent than one might expect from an animated American movie.
its about a scientist who creates a machine that can make other machines. Its powered by part of his soul. Then one evil nazi scientist decides to use it to create war machines so the good scientist puts the rest of his soul into 9 little machines and animates them with his personality in the process, it kills him. 9 is the last little guy he created. The scientist tells 9 how to disable the big war machine right before he dies and 9 finds the other 8 and go out and try to stop the machine.
Oh, you mean like Cloud and all the other Jenovah clones?

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