is there a device that will block an unwanted raven type device if someone is trying to harass an individual??


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More than likely, the problem is not a prank device. It is possible that you are hearing something like a ballast on a fluorescent light, a malfunctioning TV, some kind of motor, or even an actual mosquito of the six-legged kind.

If this is the case, you can either hunt down the source of the noise or cover it up. "Waterfall noise" is perhaps the best way to cover it. You can find a program to create some, pink.exe in the Release folder of this zip file from the September 2005 CSIG Meeting.

But there is another explanation that is unfortunately quite likely... If the sound sensors in your inner ear become severely damaged, whether by loud sounds, infection, a physical blow, old age, or some other cause, the nerves that they were attached to start misbehaving. It is like the TV blasting out static when the cable or antenna comes unplugged. The condition is known as tinnitus and is not uncommon.

If you start hearing a high-pitched noise at a disturbing volume whenever you relax in any quiet location, you need to consult a hearing specialist or ear/nose/throat specialist. (The fix might be as simple as an expert scooping out some wax that home remedies could not reach without damaging your eardrum.) But do not wait for the problem to go away. Some people develop problems with tinnitus that so seriously disrupt their lives that they are driven in desparation to waste money on crazy snake oil 'remedies'.

So if the problem is medical, get a doctor to check it out. If it is not medical, then you need to get a recording of it and lodge some complaints with neighbors and/or maintenance staff.
thanec (author)  NobodyInParticular8 years ago
Thank you for your input, and is greatly appreciated! The noise starts around 11pm and is stilling going right now....5:30 am ....I also work in two different states and have no problem in one of the two states...I am not sure if that rules out tinnitus! I turned on a fan for that white noise, but I am still picking up some sort of noise. How do I record such a noise? Is there some sort of meter that will monitor such a noise? And then again I might be able to pick up certain frequencies others can not so the meter should be good enough to pick up those frequencies --- if one is made. I will ask a few other people again? I did get one person who claimed she heard some odd noise in the early morning! It is a residential area, and I do not think there are motors present, but I have heard a very similar noise at work when I operate a machine that is motor driven. Same whiney sound! If that helps you in your assesment. I just walked around a little bit and checked the two fluorescent lights and other lights around the yard...the fluorescent lights do not seem to make a noise. But the area lights all seem to make a small noise. Is it possible the noise can become harmonies due to old age and cause this problem?? I am a little afraid to walk around due to the people around our complex thinking I am weird or a peeping tom or even worse.........I passed out or something when I was trying to talk to a women who lives in the same complex(no date now)! And she was very cute! Thanks
Can you borrow a laptop and a microphone and try a high-sample-rate recording of the sound with Audacity or the like? If you could get a recording with the sound and without the sound from the same location, this would be ideal. I am sure that I or someone else could help you a little more if you uploaded it. When you say you are in two different locations, do you have an opportunity to go relax somewhere silent in both locations? And can you specify the brand and model of that motor-driven machine and under what conditions it makes the whiny noise?
thanec (author)  NobodyInParticular8 years ago
I will try to borrow a laptop and microphone( I will ask around). I do not know what a high sample rate recording is with audacity. But I will learn a little! Yes I do leave and the noise seems to go away in CA! I have no problem in the other state, and it is nice and peaceful --- actually nicer than my place in CA! I live in a condo complex in CA and a house in the other state. The noise seems to come on around 11 pm or at 1 or 2 am! If it is on at 11 pm I do not sleep at all. This morning it came on at about 1:45 am so I did not sleep from then on............ It is a electric motor, about 2 horse, and it might be made by USA motors. It hums when I push the button which lets electricity pass through the circuit to engage the shuttle for movement of shuttle into and out of vacuum tube
If you are hearing the noise in two equally-quiet houses, then it certainly sounds like it is a problem with your house rather than your ear.

Audacity is a free sound editor. You should be able to find good directions in the help files and wiki. If you still have any questions, you can ask on the Hydrogen Audio forums.

One more source of information that might be handy: Keep a log of what times and days you notice the sound- and especially of when you do not notice the sound. Maybe even use Excel (or another spreadsheet program). If it keeps a schedule (disappearing on weekends and federal holidays, for example), that would be a big clue.
thanec (author)  NobodyInParticular8 years ago
I will use an excell sheet and notes! I started the other day in a more informal MO. Thanks
lemonie8 years ago
You'll have to explain what you mean by "raven type device" - it's a bit vague. L
thanec (author)  lemonie8 years ago
It is a device that "This is a little device that I designed for the simple purpose of being discreetly annoying. It waits for a predetermined amount of time, and then it starts emitting high-pitched beeps. I have programmed mine to take advantage of an interesting property of sound. That is, in general most people above the age of 25-30 can't hear very high-pitched tones (say, 17 KHz for instance). This means if you were to (hypothetically of course) place it in a classroom, it would start bugging the heck out of the students while the teacher/professor will (most likely) be completely unaware of the source of the disturbance." I think there is one in close proximity to my unit or in it and I can not sleep at night. I did not sleep for 6 night this past week....last year I passed out due to a lack of sleep
Ah, I should have done an Instructables search before trying to guess what you meant:

Similar devices:

There is not much you could do about this, short of locating the sound or waiting for the battery to die.

thanec (author)  NobodyInParticular8 years ago
When the battery dies, I need to make sure I moniter the off time so I can pinpoint the fact the noise may be deliberate. Is that correct??
I meant to pay special attention to the time of the day and day of the week when you did not hear the sound, as this would help to identify what kind of machine was making it.

While a prank device is possible, there are thousands of other things in your home that could be making the noise. I would assume it was a misbehaving electrical device unless proven otherwise. If you heard two of your neighbors talking, which statement would you take more seriously, "Turn off the @$#%ing noisemaker you snuck into my house to give me insomnia!" or "Excuse me, but I think you might have a malfunctioning light fixure. Would you like me to take a look at it?"

In any case, the source is probably close to your bed, as a high-pitched sound would not travel through walls unless it were very intense.) The good thing about a high-pitched noise is that it is easier to determine what direction it is coming from.
thanec (author)  NobodyInParticular8 years ago
So, if I am understanding you right a device would not penetrate the walls of my home from the outside?? I have looked for a noise, and I can not find it! It appears that it comes from all directions! And if there is a device in or around my place, is it possible to have it on a timer to come on at certain times? I have an appointment with the doctor next week to have my ears checked. I will try and rule out all medical first! It does come on around 11pm or 1 am every day.... I also walked around the area last night at approx 3:30 am --- There were two light fixtures across the street that make some odd noise, but it would have to resonate big time for it to come this far --- Could it be outdoor water softeners that make this odd high pitched noise?? --- I have permission to ask the neighbors from the manager!
I am fairly sure that a mosquito-like whine would not be strong enough to penetrate your walls, but I suppose it is possible.

There might be another way to look for a noisy machine. If it is also making radio noise, you might try tuning an AM radio to the lowest empty frequency (520kHz?). On such an empty frequency, lightning sounds like crackles, switches make pops, and wall power or transformers make a low hum; your worn-out motor or whatever it is might make a medium-pitch buzz or whine.

In any case, I am glad to hear that you are following up both possibilities, with your manager and doctor.
thanec (author)  NobodyInParticular8 years ago
Then I will call the police and have them arrested!
thanec (author)  NobodyInParticular8 years ago
I am going to get some high tech equipment of my own and watch my own unit with it:)) Then I will catch the person who may need to change the battery....
thanec (author) 8 years ago
Would that type of modem create such a noise? I am up again(:
lemonie8 years ago
Perhaps, but "unwanted"? L